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DAR the 2ed

Dear friends, once again time is running. And I can't keep up with everything I have planned. The Ministry is in full swing. Some of you have donated diligently and are giving. We as coaches are very grateful for what you have done. The Christmas presents will be great this year.

Now back from where I left off...


Some pictures from Tanzania.

The only thing that bothered all of us a little on this trip was the traffic in Dar. An up and down, a here and there motorcycles and TUK TUKs everywhere. It was definitely not because of the roads, we always had a bumpy ride. But you can't imagine how they drove around there. No matter whether it was red, green or orange, the motorcycles didn't care. they drove as they wanted. Like the tuk tuks. Full risk. Life or death. Well our accommodation was about 2 hours from the port with traffic. So we usually came home late. The good thing was that we were part of the ship as a group, so we had breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon and dinner on the ship.

Our plan or task was to get a taste of different ministries. No matter whether it was under Denk 1, in the machine room or in the kitchen. Everyone was divided into groups and was allowed to visit different ministries every day. That was really exciting! Everywhere you go you need a key card. So not everyone can just walk in and out. You felt like a doer when you had one. From children's programs to daily devotions and communal games on board, we were able to be a part of God's ministry.

For a week we were able to experience what it means to give and live on a ship with a lot of impressions that hardly seemed normal. At least that's how I felt.

It was a great time. I really enjoyed it. But I wouldn't be able to live on this ship. Although it does have its charms.

Many Zambians who were on the ship were really happy that we visited them and brought them a piece of home on the ship.

A trip that was definitely worth it. All those who recently traveled with us and OM left with a positive impression and said they would do the same thing again at any time, God willing.

Isn't that wonderful! People who didn't even know what mission meant can now say that they are a part of God's ministry. No matter where they are.

That's just great and at the end we can say we didn't get to know much about Tanzania but we got a lot of insight into the ship.

That's the reason why I stayed longer in Tanzania. At least one reason!

We THANK God for his rich blessings on all the journeys through Tanzania and back to Zambia!

Thank you for your prayers and donations for this extraordinary trip!

You can find out more through the video on my YouTube channel here

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