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Feel good! Feel God!

Dream, no really not.

Since we live by the Spirit, lets keep in step with the Spirit!

This Bible verse accompanied and touched me this week and last.

It feels good. But I really feel God.

How he works in me, through me and others around me feels so real and everything that happens feels like him.

I've been here for ten months already, living my life with Jesus by my side.

The question that is already floating around in many people's minds is now not the time to come back? Yes, my contract was for 1 year and was due to expire this month.

As many people have imagined and as you may have already read, I have changed my contract.

Change plans, follow God's plan. That's my motto.


Exactly! You read that right!

So I have 2 surprises for you!


This calendar is decorated with different images of Zambia, Madagascar and Tanzania for each month. A calendar designed by me for 2024. And I took all the pictures myself.

So if you don't have a Christmas present yet and need one, this is really a wonderful one. And it's only available this month.

Impressive pictures about life and nature in Africa!


Why two tickets? As many of you have noticed, I met Atipa.

One reason why I extended.

You can probably already guess what's coming.

WE will try to get to Germany. In March for three months.

We are in full swing preparing everything to apply for the VISA.

It will be exciting and crazy!

If you don't know who Atipa is, you can read it. You can find it in one of the posts.

YES those are the plans.

I hope this didn't blow your brains out.

I hope you enjoy the advent season because that's a thing here! Hardly in the mood for Christmas. I do my best to share and celebrate Christmas with all the locals.

Happy December 1st!

More information is coming... don't worry.

Be blessed and protected by HIM!

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