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wait patiently for him...

Why this headline? The guy just came back from Tanzania and then a headline like that. When you have experienced so much and have so much to tell. Then why wait patiently for him...

Just peace. Stay patient. Everything comes in its time.

Wasn't it hard to be patient?

Well, I don't have much patience either.

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.

Psalm 37:7


WHERE do I start?

Absolute dream, incredible 3 days in a bus full of Africans 😂😅 it was painful for all the asses in the vehicle but it was really cool! Boredom wasn't an issue at all. And sleeping was really not a soft affair.

Nevertheless, we survived and are excited to head to the border in the hope that everything will go like clockwork. Well, the Tanzanian health department initially took the breath away from us.

They said we hadn't vaccinated everyone against cholera or that the vaccination had been too long ago.

So they wanted us to pay a contribution of money and we would get the stamp for cholera. Without getting the injection, of course. Which is what happened next.

Because without this stamp they wouldn't let us cross the border.

Our leaders then sorted it out with the money. I really don't know anymore 🙈

Made it across the border at 11:26 p.m. The drivers get tired after about a day of just driving.

We took a short break of an hour. I couldn't sleep. My mouth allowed me to enjoy Tanzanian food in all its glory for the first time. To this day I can't get the food out of my head.

If I told you that the roads in Tanzania are better than in Zambia would you believe me?

Honestly, no matter what you believe, the streets are awesome! Better than I could have dreamed.

Everything went like clockwork. The journey was pleasant and not really strenuous.

So far, guess what's next?

Already figured it out? If so, you are absolutely right! The police.

Every 10 or 15 kilometers we were stopped and checked. Every time it was a different reason. I would probably come up with these ideas too if I even had money in people. Sad world.

That's how it is. Nevertheless, we arrived safely and safely with no accidents or problems.

Arrived at our accommodation at 11 p.m. Men and women separately.

I slept like a bear that night!

The next morning we got down to business straight away.

Kariakoo Market and visit to the city. We were all really busy there. Gathered a lot of impressions and smelled a lot of new smells.

There wasn't much left to do with rest!

I think the next day was actually the first visit to the ship, the Logos Hope.

Exciting and exciting to see what the largest library in a ship looks like.

Well the ship was smaller than I imagined. Yet overwhelmingly ingeniously designed. With full joy and zero expectations I boarded the ship and it was a thousand times better than I could have imagined!

Culturally mixed and full of joy, I met many new faces! Everything was organized and neatly planned! From breakfast to dinner and much more. Everyone had their place and knew what to do!

Our group was really amazed at how amazing the world is in this ship!

To be continued in the next Post...

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