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This the F*** is Jonah

Locksmith, 20 years old

Run away! Full of fear! returned home again!

My story begins in the bush. That's what I know! Absolutely live and enjoy! 

Going on safaris from a young age is a dream.   Growing up in a small station in the heart of Kenya. Tinderet a station full of life and culture. A life of freedom and pure excitement & experienced nature. Growing up in faith in Jesus/God was a privilege. Playing a role in such a vibrant culture is a 

Adventure. That I will never forget! 

Germany, December 2012

a step I never dared to take away from where my home was. 

I didn't take an easy path. And yet I could never complain. I was richly gifted. Had and have a family that supports me and gives me strength no matter what!

2018, high school diploma

2018-2022 Apprenticeship as a metal worker (locksmith)

Hobby photo/videographer

Soccer lover  & God's king child   

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