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Contributing is like sending a package to someone who needs something or ordered something because someone needs something. A package that is still empty. What are you sending to me?


Because such a year full of experiences and adventures with God is no picnic. Is it required to prepare & to give up the old   and above all to dare something new.

Citrus Fruits

The community

The community is an important part of such a mission. 

We Christians live through community and cohesion. Through prayer and the spiritual participation of others.

I couldn't do this mission without you. 

I share with you & you become part of it!

Alle Hände rein


Another important part of an outreach is the financial support from YOU brothers and sisters in faith!

An OM assignment costs between 700-900 euros!

Painting Wall

Here you can become a part of my story

If YOU would like to support me, you are welcome to do so!

here via PAYPAL:

here by SEPA direct debit

OM Germany

Evangelical Bank Kassel

IBAN: DE47 5206 0410 0000 5072 45


Purpose: Jona Gröninger, Zambia, address of the donor (for donation receipt)

donation receipt

to download and apply 

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