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Faith can only grow through such a bonded relationship.

We need someone to support us. Never gives up on us. Never leaves us alone. Don't let us do things by halves. All that matters is EVERYTHING or nothing at all!

We had our Bible study in the evening last week. We read in Matthew 6.

After an hour of reading, discussing and realizing what the Word says to us, we came to the conclusion that everything God has ever created is based on relationship.

Everything that is in God's hands from the beginning. Is in relationship with him. Everything starts from relationship. We talked about how many missionaries live their lives in three points.

And exactly in the order:

  1. God

  2. Mission

  3. Family

But that certainly shouldn't be the case. Because when we live in relationship with God. Then we're in a relationship, right? But if we put mission before relationships, how can we have one at home? Where does mission actually begin? Good question!

Mission begins in the family. How we raise our children. How we treat our loved ones is the beginning of a mission. How can we think about mission when we can't even manage our relationships with those closest to us? How can we spread the love of God if, for example, we rarely treat our families or closest relationships with love. Everything that happens there in those relationships comes into the mission and affects it. Especially if we are not truly in God’s relationship.

We have finally come to the conclusion that the order has to change:

  1. God

  2. Family

  3. Mission

I want to follow these steps more and more. That's why we decided, as COACHES, that we wanted to set up an academy here on the base.

It's all about relationships!

We are setting up a football academy that focuses on the principles of the BIBLE and of course football.

We will have two teams each:

  • U 12 - girls and boys team

  • U 16 - girls and boys team

  • U 21 women's team (one team)

It's a bit of a challenge for me! But we as coaches will get it done.

It requires some material and equipment.

A lot is still unclear when we will train and how many kids we will take on each team.

One thing I can say for sure is that the registration of the academy is in full swing.

As soon as we have completed the registration we will start. Training and devotion every day. For the next few weeks we want to collect donations and buy some balls and equipment so we can really get started.

Because it really doesn't make much sense to collect donations through OM.

I would like to warmly invite you and ask you if you want to support us and see how much the children have joy in their hearts and show it then donate now to my private account so we can get started as quickly as possible!

Cost required: 1,500 euros

IBAN: DE16 6045 00501144 1910 01


Amount: any


The absolutely cool thing about it is that the girls who dedicate themselves to training here time after time have given themselves this name. I had no influence on it at all.

I want to thank God every day for taking care of me and giving me what I need and not what I need.

NOW you can really make it big with your work as a coach. Small beginning and big steps!

Many thanks to everyone who supports me and prays for me and the Academy!


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